Postponed matches Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th March

An open letter to clubs in the North Riding Football League in light of the current weather:

Dear Club Secretary / Club Contact,
As you may already be aware this weekend’s North Riding Cup fixtures
have already been cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions.

I think the chances of any games being played this weekend is quite
remote and we would urge all teams to make an early decision if possible
on whether their games will be going ahead or not and therefore with
this in mind could you please advise if your game is going ahead or not
at the earliest opportunity.  This will give teams, officials and match
officials additional time to make alternative arrangements should they
wish to do so.  The League accepts that the weather has not been very
kind so far this winter and whilst we would like games to proceed if at
all possible, safety of people and players is paramount and therefore if
games have to be cancelled then that is an unfortunate fact of life.

If your games are off please remember to inform the opposition and match
official(s) as soon as possible and any fixture amendments for future
weeks will be made at the earliest opportunity and notified by the
Full-Time alerts that you receive.


Fixture & Player Registration administrator

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